Выросшим на Маленьком Принце...     
Dedicated to children of Little Prince...  
"Little prince"'s children...

      Least of all I want take bit by bit on quotation one of a favorites books of my childhood, but…
      I should have like to say: "Once upon a time there was a little prince who lived on a planet that was scarcely any bigger than himself, and who had need of a friend . . ."
      To those who understand life, that would have given a much greater air of truth to my story.
      I believe that for his escape he took advantage of the migration of a flock of wild birds.
      He found himself in the neighborhood of the asteroids 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, and 330. He began, therefore, by visiting them, in order to add to his knowledge.
      That is a beautiful occupation. And since it is beautiful, it is truly useful.
      Here, then, is a great mystery.
      And no grown-up will ever understand that this is a matter of so much importance!

      I dedicated this project to everybody who believe that grown-up on this beautiful story of Antoine de Saint Exup?ry

      In Russian version of this project I have my old poems dedicated to this one of the greatest book, but unfortunately I haven't yet translation of it. I'll try to do this.

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