Dedicated to children of Little Prince...  

      When I created my first Planet
      Just listen carefully to how beautifully these words sounded "My first Planet". So when I created my first Planet, 90% of the viewers, naturally, were telling me about "Little Prince" and there was nothing surprising in their words. There's only one thing that can come to mind: each of us is living on a very lonely small Planet. Living one step at a time. One step - one Planet. New step - new Planet. We are going towards the end of the day with the Galaxy left behind . When we reach the weekend, we feel an abyss.
      But nevertheless this is so exciting to be able to create Planets.
      My second personal exhibition (2006) was called "My Planet". Of course, "My first Planet" is also on this site. In the second gallery, it is the second from the bottom.
      I wrote this poem at the time when I worked on stitching my first spherical panorama (this is my free translation from the original poem in Russian):

      Rain, rising over this planet of mine.
      We ride together through this shine.
      And I am moving planet-like:
      I whirl through those dreams and strike.

      And air with secrets puzzled me through hearts.
      We hurry poems to meet.
      And maybe planet looks like yard
      I breathe it out as I guard.

      Sunrise emerges over World.
      I'm sure my poems are strong as sword.
      No questions...Nothing else. Again:
      My Planet Me... My magic rain.

      The little prince came to Earth with a flock of wild birds. I suggest you should follow his example and take a short journey through my Galaxy. For now, it is very small, but who knows I hope that it will grow and will be populated by habitable Worlds.

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